Finding Sports Massage Facilities in Birmingham

Sports massage is a kind of massage that helps alleviate pain caused by excess of physical activity. In most cases, the pain is caused in specific areas of the body. This kind of massage was developed to serve athletes, and help them relieve and prevent injuries. However, both athletes and other people can gain psychological and physiological benefits from sports massage. In this post, we have discussed the key benefits of sports massage Birmingham.

Physiological Effects

Most people don’t realize, but a sports massage affect the cardiovascular system. A good sports massage can dilate your blood vessels and promote blood circulation. With manual assistance during a sports massage Birmingham, venous blood flows back to your heart and promote delivery of fresh nutrients and oxygen to the body. This leads to removal of toxins and waste products. This is the primary reason your heart rate lowers after a good sports massage.

Sports massage also offers numerous benefits to the muscular system. One major benefits is directly associated with the cardiovascular system. The enhances and increased blood circulation can relieve muscle tension, promote faster recovery and reduce soreness. In addition to this, the relaxed muscles also experience improved flexibility and range of motion. Such benefits can lead to improved athletic performance.

According to a recent research, sports massage Birmingham reduces inflammation. It also promotes the growth of mitochondria in the cells after rigorous exercise. This means sports massage can provide relief from pain, encourage recovery and build muscle. The massage is good for your muscle tissue, and promotes overall health.

Psychological Effects

According to a study conducted recently, sports massage can also offer some psychological benefits to athletes and other people. It’s important to understand that most athletes don’t solely rely on physical endurance and strength. They also need to be mentally fit to perform well. Cycling, golf and swimming are good examples of such sports.

Thus, the psychological benefits offered to an athlete by a good experience from a sports massage can be quite important to improve his overall performance. Some of these benefits include reducing anxiety, tension and stress, while promoting a relaxed state of mind. Sports massage activates your parasympathetic nervous system.

Due to this, sports massage Birmingham from facilities such as leads to an increase in serotonin and dopamine levels. It also reduces the production of cortisol levels, which are related to anxiety and stress. A lowered tension and relaxed state can encourage focus. Before you participate in any sport, competition or exercise, such state of mind can be beneficial for good performance.